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Handmade socks: Fashion at your feet!

Winter is just around the corner and feet are always the centre of attention.

To protect them from the cold and frost, make original handmade socks for the whole family.

Watercolor Sock, Paint Gradient Sock and Infinity Sock are the 3 made in Italy Laines du Nord yarns suitable for making unique and original socks.

Made in 75% chlorine-free treated mulesing wool and 25% nylon, available in different colour shades, perfect for making a pair of identical socks according to your style.

Watercolor Sock, a perfectly composed yarn made of mulesing and chlorine-free wool in compliance with environmental protection standards, in which the water colours mix like a painter’s colours on a canvas.

Paint Gradient Sock, a beautiful yarn where the perfect harmony of shades blends with the softness of a mulesing and chlorine-free wool. The hand-dyed effect is enhanced by small colour nuances reminiscent of tiny impressionist brushstrokes, thus creating a pair of identical socks with a pictorial flair.

Infinity Sock, this gorgeous yarn with its playful print is particularly suitable for those who like to be noticed. Thanks to its gradient base, enriched with cheerful multicolored stripes, it brightens up socks with plays of color and dynamism.

Download the free patterns from the Patterns section, needles in hand and get to work immediately!

gomitoli in filati e lana made in italy per knitting e lavori a maglia

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