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Agave: unexpected summer

Exploring the New Laines du Nord Collection

Welcome to the most vibrant and colorful season of the year with our new Agave collection!  

Laines du Nord presents a charming world of vibrant colors and irresistible softness, bringing forth the essence of Spring-Summer 2024.

Baby Soft Fancy

Soft Embrace for the Little Ones
Embark on your journey into the collection with Baby Soft Fancy, a yarn dedicated to creating garments for newborns and children. Its high-quality composition offers a hug of softness ideal for wrapping the little ones in utmost tenderness. Be inspired to create delicate and comfortable pieces for the youngest members of the family.

Summer Nuance

Harmony of Colors for Unique Knitworks
Explore the beauty of the harmonious color gradient of Summer Nuance, perfect for refined and sophisticated knitworks. The small, almost brushed strokes add a touch of elegance, ensuring fresh and lightweight garments that fit perfectly into summer days.

Summer Sock

Originality at Your Feet
Have fun with the colorful millerighe shades of Summer Sock, designed to create original and trendy socks. Its unique structure allows for making two identical socks with an always captivating pattern, allowing you to personalize your spring and summer look with a touch of originality.

Eco Crochet

Sustainability with Passion
For those embracing sustainability, Eco Crochet is the perfect choice. Created through the revolutionary ECOTEC process, it utilizes pre and post-consumer textile waste of cotton, reducing waste. The recycled polyester, primarily derived from separate collection of plastic bottles, transforms waste into a new life, offering an eco-friendly yarn with heart and soul.

Express Your Creativity with Agave

Whether you’re thinking of a lightweight sweater or trendy accessories, the Agave collection will become your exclusive canvas to express all your creativity.

Join us as we celebrate summer unfolding with the freshness and vivacity of Agave!

gomitoli in filati e lana made in italy per knitting e lavori a maglia

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