The 52nd Earth Day is celebrated on 22 April

An event created to pay homage to the environment and the planet, to raise public awareness on pollution.

Earth Day is the largest environmental event on the planet.

The only time when all the citizens of the world come together to celebrate the Earth with events and conferences.

In recent years, the younger generations have clamored to companies for a future based on renewable sources and sustainable consumption.

Laines du Nord has always been attentive to protecting the environment and is active against the exploitation of resources.

Thus implementing a production process that respects raw materials, workers and the territory.
Laines du Nord has preferred to use its resources to have a superior level of quality.

Starting from shearing, carried out with delicate techniques and respect for non-stressful cycles for the animals, up to the dyeing of the yarns.

Our production takes place in full compliance with a sustainable activity.

A constant commitment that has led us to obtain certifications recognized worldwide.

We have obtained the GOTS and MULESING FREE certifications.

Discover all our sustainable yarns!

Below are three examples from the Spring / Summer collection:


100% cotton yarn from organically grown, has an elegant appearance and pastel colors, is enhanced by openwork work.


A yarn born from the fusion of pure cotton and recycled cotton, an ethical and stylish choice for an peerless result.


Soft recycled cotton available in 25 splendid colors that brighten up the wardrobe already from February with bags, sweaters, cardigans

On our website you can discover the new line:

Merino Gentile Italian wool of the “0 Km supply chain” from sheep to ball.

Two high quality products, selected and controlled, 100% Italian, single color chart for 2 different titles:


Our daily commitment, a little caress to our beloved Earth??

gomitoli in filati e lana made in italy per knitting e lavori a maglia

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