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World knitting day in public

World Knitting Day in public is celebrated on 11 June, an event born about ten years ago from an idea by Danielle Landes, initially the appointments were few and all concentrated in the USA; the phenomenon then grew rapidly, steadily and at an international level, obtaining more and more adhesions.

Associations, haberdashery, yarn manufacturing companies organize meetings every year that bring together knitting enthusiasts from all over the world to celebrate this noble ancient art in a collective “knitting”.

Knitting is more than just a hobby, several studies have shown that this form of creative work has therapeutic effects for those who practice it. Knitting develops motor skills, stimulates concentration and generates spaces for relaxation and meditation.

Making repeated movements, seeing your own creation take shape, is an excellent stimulus to pursue a goal, which distracts our attention from the problem that afflicts us at that moment.

The World Day of knitting in public is also the basis for building another type of fabric, the social one, since it acts as an element that binds together people who carry out the same group activity.

Laines du Nord wants to pay homage to all the knitting enthusiasts of the “Safari Tank Top tutorial, a quick and easy project to make where creativity is emphasized by the cleverly matched colors given by a fancy yarn.


Fibers: 100% cotton
Clew: 100 grs. – 350 mts. – 3,5 oz. – 382 yds.

For those who love to dare with colour, a 100% pure cotton fantasy yarn with colored stripes that stand out from a harmonious gradient base. An ideal yarn for making tank tops, tops and co-ordinates for spring and summer. Different shades to give space to your imagination.

Download the free pattern and “knittate” in a group enjoying the morning breeze on a sunny day.

gomitoli in filati e lana made in italy per knitting e lavori a maglia

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