One of the objectives that Laines du Nord has always set itself is to
create yarns that reflect the great commitment that the company invests in the study of color .

In fact, thanks to the high level of avant-garde achieved and the technologies used,
Laines du Nord offers every season balls of fine yarns made with shades and chromatic harmonies of great effect.


100% cotton

Baby Soft

50% bio cotton 50% soy


96% cotton 5% other fibers

Four Seasons

94% mako cotton 6% nylon

Luxury Silk

100% Silk

Natural Bag

60% juta, 40% cotton

Organic Cotton

100% organic cotton

Pima Cotton

100% pima cotton

Poema Cotton

94% cotton mako, 6% nylon

Soft Lino

80% Linen, 20% Pima Cotton


50% organic cotton, 50% soibean fiber