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Eco Crochet Vest: when sustainability meets style

If you’re a fan of granny square crochet, then you’ll know how rewarding and versatile it is to create unique pieces with this technique.
Granny squares are truly captivating! It’s amazing how such a traditional art form can still be so relevant and adaptable for various purposes, from clothing to bags.

If you want to make your hobby even more meaningful, why not consider using eco-friendly yarns for your projects?
Introducing a garment that not only expresses your unique style but also your commitment to a greener world: the Eco Crochet Vest.

A summer vest that celebrates uniqueness, made with Eco Crochet yarn,
created through the revolutionary ECOTEC process that uses pre- and post- consumer textile waste from cotton, reducing waste and incineration.

An eco-friendly yarn with heart and soul.

Don’t miss this opportunity: download the free pattern now!

gomitoli in filati e lana made in italy per knitting e lavori a maglia

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