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Summer Nuance: On the Wings of Lightness

As Spring approaches, the world of creativity prepares to bloom in a riot of colors and fantasies. It’s the perfect time to embrace the lightness of the new season, and what better way to do it than with the Summer Nuance Sweater?
Among the new patterns offered by Laines du Nord, the Summer Nuance yarn stands out for its originality in colors, perfect for creating refined and sought-after garments even during the hot summer days.

Composition and characteristics
The Summer Nuance yarn is made from 100% cotton, renowned for its lightness and breathability. A 100-gram skein produces approximately 360 meters, providing ample yarn to create fashionable accessories, even with just one skein.

Aroma of colors
The color gradients of the Summer Nuance yarn are a feast for the eyes. Small, almost brushstroke-like nuances of colors blend harmoniously along the yarn, creating a sense of depth and movement. This characteristic makes this yarn ideal for knitting projects, where the color variations can be fully appreciated.

Free pattern
The fresh and light design of the Summer Nuance Sweater captures the spirit of the beautiful season. Choose your favorite color from the wide range available, download the free pattern, and start creating following the unique and original model signed by Laines du Nord.

Creative versatility
Thanks to its lightness and the variety of colors available, Summer Nuance yarn offers endless creative possibilities. It is suitable for a wide range of garments, from lacey summer scarves to delicate tops and sweaters. Additionally, its softness makes it perfect for creating accessories such as shawls and wraps, adding an extra touch to your summer look.

Summer Nuance is the ideal choice for those seeking a lightweight, fresh, and versatile yarn for their summer projects. With its captivating color gradients and lightness, it’s the perfect solution for creating refined and sought-after garments that will accompany you stylishly throughout the season.

gomitoli in filati e lana made in italy per knitting e lavori a maglia

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