The pumpkin has always been the symbol of Halloween, its orange color and its round shape bring a breath of joy to homes, if used as a home decor instead it envelops the house in a truly unique autumnal atmosphere.

For lovers of handmade, we offer the “Zucca Crochet” a quick and easy crochet project to make for an ornamental pumpkin with a country flavor.

A large decorative pumpkin made with the Amigurumi technique, a Japanese crochet process used to create three-dimensional objects then filled with padding.

The passion for amigurumi is becoming popular among crochet lovers, puppets, dolls, favors, doudou blankets are among the favorite projects for those who try this new technique.

For the realization of the Halloween Pumpkin we used the “Natural Bag” yarn, rustic with a particular natural composition, jute and cotton give a rough texture and make it perfect for fashion accessories, bags and decorations.

For a less country and more “cuddly” result and with a bigger count, you can use the Merino Big yarn, soft, soft and delicate, for a surprising combination of mulesing free wool and acrylic.

For a more “refined” Pumpkin you can use Dolly 125 yarn, a classic with a thinner title, slightly elastic with very high yield.

Choose the yarn you prefer to make the cute Halloween pumpkin!

Have fun creating many pumpkins of different shapes, colors and sizes.

Think of their different uses, they can become useful objects as doorstops when filled with sand, original place cards for halloween dinner, autumn centerpieces or simple creepy themed garlands!

Warm up the atmosphere of your home by decorating the crochet pumpkin, with leaves and berries, let yourself be inspired by your creativity and create with style.

Happy creative Halloween!

gomitoli in filati e lana made in italy per knitting e lavori a maglia

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