A Collection that does not weigh down, but, like the air, touches an ethereal feeling of well-being.
ARIA is the new Laines du Nord Collection capable of transforming the weight of autumn and winter into soft warmth.
The elegance of the lightness of ARIA will enchant you throughout the cold season.
New chromatic suggestions, sophisticated prints and extravagant shades will allow you to create original and unique garments.


Fibers: 100% mulesing free wool
Ball of yarn: 100grs. approx. – 180 mts.

A colorful, creative and original yarn, where jaspé shades change like in a kaleidoscope and lead you to imagine and fantasize.


Fibers: 100% mulesing free wool
Ball of yarn: 50 grs. approx. – 100 mts.

100% mulesing free wool for an explosion of colors: an incredible effect thanks to the jaspé weave where the alternation of nuances with clear lines are mixed to generate bizarre and extravagant shades.


Fibers: 60% mohair, 27% alpaca, 13% polyamide
Ball of yarn: 100 grs. approx. – 280 mts.

In this yarn there are two precious fibers, mohair and alpaca which combined together make it warm, very soft and with long hair.


Fibers: 75% alpaca, 10% mulesing free wool, 15% polyamide
Ball of yarn: 50 grs. approx. – 120 mts.

Alpaca and wool combined together for a comfortable effect like a warm, trendy and soft caress. The persuasive and vaporous heat will calm you down on cold winter days.

Let yourself be conquered by the precious compositions, revisited in a trendy mood and face the first cold with style and personality.

Discover the new models made with the yarns of the ARIA Collection on the Laines du Nord website, download the free patterns and create the outfits you prefer.

gomitoli in filati e lana made in italy per knitting e lavori a maglia

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