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Poema, discover the news…

Poema, an iconic yarn in knitting, is loved above all for its evolving nuances. Like every season, Laines du Nord transforms and transforms this splendid mulesing free yarn into innovative variants with increasingly precious compositions.

Poema Alpaca, the instant impact of the gradient effect of Poema Alpaca comes from the series of nuanced colours. The yarn’s prestigious make-up creates deep emotions; its delicate shades alternate in a succession of waves that give the garments a unique aura of warmth and fluffiness. Very light and soft, with a slightly furry effect, Poema Alpaca yarn is high performance and suitable for accessories, jumpers and shawls.

Poema Cashmere, the noblest fibre, cashmere, mixes with the finest premium merino to compose the most polished poem ever. Its pastel colours convey softness and infinite delicacy. A poem that will make you fall in love and pamper you at all times with just two balls enough to make a prestigious shawl or an unrivalled gradient jumper.

Poema Nuance, the most innovative in nuance; created to wrap up and relieve tension through its voluptuous softness; it is ideal for making shawls with the classic degradé effect. The intriguing pattern created by the delicately sophisticated plays of colour will surprise you.

Poema, new colors are molded, in a perfect sequence. Innovative multicolored shades they generate contrasting desires for calm and comfort with energy boosting vitality through a range of restful and restorative colors.

Visit the website and discover the many new models to be made with the yarns of the Poema family:

Winter Sea Shawl, knitting in shades of deep blue shades of the sea.
Desert Rose shawl, refined geometries draw full and empty on elegant shades
Canyon sweater, color contrasts highlighted by jacquard workmanship.

A collection where lightness becomes matter and the garments express emotions!

gomitoli in filati e lana made in italy per knitting e lavori a maglia

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