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The fashion of knitted socks

A timeless subject that of knitting socks, our grandmothers made them with the classic “game of knitting needles” and the leftover wool of sweaters.

From a secondary accessory to which to pay little attention to the protagonists of the catwalks from all over the world, especially this year where comfort has returned to the fore.
Thanks to special yarns, wool socks embellish any style in a unique and original way.

Many books and patterns have been published to create socks with different techniques and many specific yarns for processing have also been put on the market that create very beautiful and original designs and geometries.

Laines du Nord, presents two yarns with the most popular shades of this year:

A beautiful yarn where the perfect harmony of colours is modelled round the softness of a mulesing- and chlorine-free wool.

A nuance-rich ball of yarn that will allow you to make two identical socks using the perfect loop method, according to which the balls are designed to offer the customer a pattern that is always the same.

Its “painted effect” pattern makes it a unique and original yarn that will satisfy even the most demanding customers. The yarn is also suitable for making shawls and stoles.


A perfectly composed yarn made of mulesing and chlorine-free wool in compliance with environmental protection standards, in which the water colours mix like a painter’s colours on a canvas.
A stylishly unique, exclusive ball of yarn that will allow you to make two identical socks thanks to the philosophy of the perfect loop, whereby each ball of yarn has been designed to guarantee you the weave and pattern you see in the photo.

The importance of the right sock for every occasion: browse the Paint Sock and Watercolor Sock color charts, choose the shade and nuance you prefer and create your socks following the free Patterns.

There is something for everyone!

gomitoli in filati e lana made in italy per knitting e lavori a maglia

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