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We respect the environment with small gestures.

World Environment Day is celebrated every year on June 5, an event born in 1974 and steadily growing to become today a global platform for public awareness of the environment in over 100 countries.

This year it will take place in Sweden and will focus on the need to live sustainably, in harmony with nature.

Planet earth is in fact the only “home” for its inhabitants, and its resources must be preserved.

Laines du Nord, always attentive to protecting the environment, wants to make its contribution to this day with a small gesture dedicated to all of you: give you the pdf of the Pull Granny Pattern made with ECOTONE, a recycled and sustainable yarn.

The ECOTONE yarn, despite being a poor cotton, is very soft and is available in 25 splendid colors that will brighten the wardrobe as early as February. The title and the twist make it perfect for both sweaters and cardigans, even from mid-season through home decor to fashion accessories such as the very trendy granny bags this season.

The choice of materials is important to reduce pollution, in our collection you will find many yarns that embrace this concept, so as to create conscious and sustainable fashion garments!

Sustainable fashion respects the environment and society in all its phases, in fact our production process is respectful of raw materials, workers and the territory. Starting from shearing, carried out with delicate techniques and respect for non-stressful cycles for animals, up to the dyeing of the yarns, our production takes place in full compliance with a sustainable activity.

The Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification also declares that Laines du Nord has been inspected and assessed the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and that its products comply with the required standards.

Make a small gesture for the environment, make knit and crochet garments with fantasy but always pay attention to raw materials and certifications!

Happy World Environment Day!

gomitoli in filati e lana made in italy per knitting e lavori a maglia

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