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“Re-generations” for Orto Cucito

When fashion becomes green it takes on a whole new form: thanks to the project launched by the young stylist Diletta Cancellato, an innovative approach is made in which knitting and crochet become the possibility of rebirth with greater attention to nature even in the world of fashion.

“Re-generations” is the name of the initiative launched by the designer of the “canceled” couture knitwear brand, spokesperson for a manifesto of sustainability and awareness of a future that respects the environment.

Iconic items from the deleted archive are literally covered with vegetation made by the participants, knitted or crocheted, each leaf represents a tangible signature and an affirmation of shared values.

We at Laines du Nord believed in this project right from the start, thus becoming the official sponsor of “Re-generations” by offering our yarns for these unique works.

Re-generations has joined the cultural schedule of Orto Cucito, a multi-year project of inclusion, ecology and justice for the support of fragile people. The project involves the physical construction of a vegetable garden within a shared garden that will be animated by a cultural program to raise awareness among citizens on social and environmental issues.

You can follow the Re-generations project on social networks. Each leaf represents a tangible signature and an affirmation of shared values, reinforced by the time spent in the craftsmanship.

gomitoli in filati e lana made in italy per knitting e lavori a maglia

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