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Granny Mania – Easy and colorful crochet story

Go crazy with Granny Square fashion!

In the world of do-it-yourself there is definitely a boom in crochet square, the literal meaning of which is “grandmother’s square”, a technique used to make the colorful crochet square with which grandmothers created blankets and shawls.

The origin of this technique is often traced back to a pattern published in a London manual, dated 1897, as an inspiration to use the leftovers of yarn in a useful and original way.

In this way, multiple granny are created to then sew them together and give life to their creations with a very colorful and always different result.

From the seventies onwards, each season they found their niche to come out and return to the fore today with original and unique garments for Spring/Summer.

On August 15th of each year we also celebrate Granny Square Day, a day to celebrate the mythical crochet squares!

In the Laines du Nord collection, you can find different yarns that lend themselves to making “granny square” and two original patterns so you can try your hand at trendy granny:

Re Cotton Soft
A yarn born from the fusion of pure cotton and recycled cotton, an ethical and stylish choice. Ideal for making garments with granny square, thanks to the colors and finesse.

Soft lean cotton available in 25 gorgeous colors perfect for granny combinations. A more sustained cotton also suitable for fashion accessories like bags.

gomitoli in filati e lana made in italy per knitting e lavori a maglia

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